DCYA Update to the Early Years and School Age Childcare Sector

Update to Early Years and School Age Childcare Sector – Sunday 4th March 2018

The red weather warning has now been been lifted nationwide and there will be a gradual overall rise in temperatures through the week with remaining deposits of snow continuing to melt. Melting snow may result in localized surface water and people are advised to watch for accumulations of melt water which could lead to flooding.

In much of the country conditions are improved, and we expect life to begin to resume its more normal patterns today. However, other parts of the country, in particular Wexford, West Wicklow and North Kildare continue to be quite badly affected and schools in these areas are unlikely to reopen on Monday.

》 Re-opening of childcare services on Monday 5th March

The majority of the country will resume normal life on Monday with transport, schools and government services reopening. Please be aware that challenging circumstances remain and Monday will not be a normal commute. Extra consideration should be given to staff and parents at drop off and collection times.

Most schools are expected to reopen on Monday unless in specific circumstances where adverse weather conditions and transport restrictions continue.

DCYA is advising all childcare providers to take note of their local situation with regards to access, transport and to base their decision on the safety and welfare of parents, staff and children in their service.

DCYA will continue to attend the meetings of the NECG and update further as necessary.

Information from across all government departments regarding the effects of the current weather situation can be found by visiting www.gov.ie


Early years settings should take decisions based on local conditions and the safety of staff, children and parents.

Provisions are in place for childcare providers to receive payment for children registered on any of the government’s childcare subvention schemes should they be forced to remain closed on Monday due to adverse weather in their area.

Force Majeure forms can be downloaded from PIP and sent onwards to [email protected]. This must be done within four weeks. Should you require support with this process please contact Online Support by emailing [email protected]

DCYA would like to sincerely thank all childcare providers and school age services for their diligence and cooperation during Storm Emma.