National Childcare Scheme Capital Funding Guidelines Now Available

National Childcare Scheme, Early Learning & Care: Capital Funding Guidelines Now Available

The guidelines set out the application process for capital funding which will allow service providers, who sign up to the new National Childcare Scheme to purchase ICT support, which will assist them in recording and reporting children’s attendance.
Providers can purchase ICT support which meets the eligibility criteria and will be reimbursed for the amount spent, up to the maximum amount allowable.  A full list of eligibility criteria is laid out in the application guidelines available here .
Please note:
·         Applications for funding can be made through the Programmes Implementation Platform (PIP) from June 2019.
·         The maximum grants will vary depending on the size of the service availing of State supports, and will range from €500 to €2,000.
·         Providers must have entered into a contract to participate in the National Childcare Scheme to avail of the NCS Capital funding.
·         Further details on the format for the recording and reporting of attendance will be set out in an Appendix to the NCS Contract.
·         Only eligible ICT equipment and software purchased from the date a service signed their National Childcare Scheme contract will be eligible for consideration.
·         Services must only apply for the amount of eligible expenditure incurred, up to the maximum grant applicable to the service.